The League of Shenanigans

The Trail to Hamden
The Life and Death of a Dragonborn

Our adventure begins with a motley crew of travelers, all on their way to the small town of Hamden. While walking the The Grand Trail through the forest, Dokle, Zanathor, Zarak, and LaTisha encountered a series of goblins. The fight was not smooth at all, almost bringing Dokle to incapacitation. Out of the three goblins that attacked the group of adventurers, one perished, another fled, and the last was deftly tied up by LaTisha. Bound by his hands and feet, our heroes proceeded to interrogate their captive but ultimately decided to kill him.

Following this event, Dokle went to pick up some arrows from the fight and LaTisha horrifically attempted to eat the fallen goblin. Eventually, the adventurers regrouped and elected to finish the remainder of their trip to Hamden in the morning. While the group slept, however, Zanathor and Zarak conspired to extract LaTisha’s baby, and raise it as their own child.

The next morning, the group returned to the trail, and safely made it Hamden. Once inside the city limits, the group split to go run separate errands. Dokle, Zarak, and Zanathor went to Dexburg’s Anvil in search of weaponry. Zarak purchased 10 throwing knives, and Zanathor arm-wrestled Cormac Dexburg for the right to purchase his specialty warhammer, which is mysteriously enchanted.

Meanwhile, LaTisha made a scene at the local clinic when she asked the physician to determine the sex of her unborn child.

The Trail to Ogden City
Goblins in the woods

Our adventure begins! Three of our heroes, Sully, Grom, and Coco, travel on The Grand Trail to the great Ogden City at the prospect of work. Along their way, they encountered a barrage of six goblins at nightfall. The goblins were scantily clad in rusted armor pieces and wielded blunted shortswords. Nonetheless, they screeched valiantly as they charged Sully, Grom, and Coco. Though Coco inadvertently fired a crossbow bolt into Grom’s back and Sully lost one of his swords, the heroes managed to defeat their attackers with no major setbacks to their journey.

After the scuffle, the three travelers first decided to elect Coco as the group’s leader, who made the suggestion that they should continue on the trail despite the hindering lack of vision. Making use of Grom’s Darkvision ability, the trio safely made it’s way to the edge of the forest by sunrise, where they currently overlook the large expanse of Ogden City looming in the distance.


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