The League of Shenanigans

Hamden Shenanigans: Mr.Daddy and The Fiend

Episode ~ : Cole, Justin

Continuing off our previous session, Mr.Daddy had just expertly seduced the manager of the local grocery at the The Hamden Trade Market, named Petra, and convinced her to smoke weed with him back in The Cave.

Meanwhile, The Fiend has returned to the cave from the market after an exchange with weapon specialist Gort. As he walks, he finds a very high Slimthick Harrison, with his newly acquired coconut water in hand. The Fiend also sees Sir Crack and the three girls still unconscious on the ground after the night before. Concerned, Cole makes a roll to inspect their vital signs, but fails miserably, resulting in him thinking nothing of the situation. Seeing not much to do in the cave, The Fiend decides to go find Mr.Daddy in town.

Back in the town, Justin, playing as Mr.Daddy, has decided that he needs to ditch Petra pronto. He makes several bluntly executed attempts to get rid of her, but fails each time. She is high on marijuana for the very first time, and perceives all of these actions as very humorous. Eventually, Mr.Daddy comes up with a plan to lose her at the restaurant he went to earlier, and has Petra hop on his back.

Having arrived at the restaurant, Mr.Daddy tries to have Petra get off his back by using terse language, but she finds what he says to be absolutely hilarious


ChiefCharms23 ChiefCharms23

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