Delmac Galogan

Bounty Officer / Sheriff of Hamden


Str: 14, Dex: 11, Con: 14, Int: 12, Wis: 8, Cha: 12

AC: 15

Weapons: Greatsword

Languages Spoken: Common

Physical Traits: Tall, unkempt hair, wrinkled face, piercing eyes, stiff leather coat, thick adventurer boots


Delmac Galogan is the gruff, informal “Sheriff” of Hamden. He is in charge of the bounties that get issued throughout the town, as well as commanding the small force of Town Guard within the settlement. He was elected long ago, back when he was enthusiastic about doing good for his people. Now, however, he is jaded of the politics and self-righteousness of the Ogden Government.

Delmac Galogan

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