Lt. Brant "Dog" Rogers

Grizzled Captain of the Guard for Helenor


Str: 12, Dex: 18, Con: 12, Int: 13, Wis: 20, Cha: 12

AC: 16

Weapons: Unknown

Languages Spoken: Common, Dwarvish, Orcish

Physical traits: Rugged-looking, unkempt general appearance, tight black facial hair, long leather duster coat with the Helenor Seal on the back, curious metallic bars are “stapled” to his arms


As a veteran of the Great Hamden War, Lt. “Dog” Rogers is no stranger to the hardships of life; from a soldiering viewpoint, he’s been rumored to be insanely powerful on the battlefield. He currently serves as the Captain of the Guard for Helenor, which has proven to be a tough job with the recent influx of orc raids. He does his best to keep the city safe, but recently he’s been suffering from a negative reputation among the locals for not being present during the last invasion – during which, he lost his family.

In addition, he has curiously large metallic structures on the inside of his arms, which are believed to be mechanized Arcane Foci. For this, he is not well respected within Helenor, as the town broadly distrusts magic-users, labelling them as either thieves or bandits.

Lt. Brant "Dog" Rogers

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