Tag: Great Hamden War


  • Hamden

    [[File:712274 | class=media-item-align-center | Hamden.jpg]] *Summary* Small town on the outskirts of the Great Hamden Forest. Many roads converge at Hamden (including [[The Grand Trail | The Grand Trail]]), making it a popular rest-stop for …

  • Merian Tanith

    A well-traveled carriage driver who collaborated with the Forest Coalition during [[The Great Hamden War | The Great Hamden War]]. She collects fares from travelers going to every corner of Ogden, including most of the major locations around the state.

  • Lt. Brant "Dog" Rogers

    As a veteran of the Great Hamden War, Lt. "Dog" Rogers is no stranger to the hardships of life; from a soldiering viewpoint, he's been rumored to be insanely powerful on the battlefield. He currently serves as the Captain of the Guard for Helenor, which …