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  • Hamden

    [[File:712274 | class=media-item-align-center | Hamden.jpg]] *Summary* Small town on the outskirts of the Great Hamden Forest. Many roads converge at Hamden (including [[The Grand Trail | The Grand Trail]]), making it a popular rest-stop for …

  • Cesta Barlow

    Cesta Barlow is the proud owner of Barlow's Supply in [[Hamden | Hamden]], and a scholar of regional antiquities. She is smart, and always willing to help a customer find what they need.

  • Cormac Dexburg

    Cormac has made quite the name for himself over the years as a dependable and skilled craftsman of weapons and armor for [[Hamden | Hamden]] and the surrounding area. He also employs a fair amount of apprentices in his shop that help him produce a …

  • Golenta Hanari

    As the so-called 'busiest woman in all of [[Hamden | Hamden]] ', Golenta Hanari runs the extremely popular Grimlight Inn, which is conveniently located on [[The Grand Trail | The Grand Trail]]. She wasn't always so accustomed to people though; she was …

  • Deva Harding

    Deva Harding is [[Hamden | Hamden]]'s hard-working merchant and trade aficionado. He operates several trade routes between his hometown, Port Lorinda, and the capital. Many people know him by his good nose for business and extensive trade connections …

  • Leon Strupenheimer

    Leon Strupenheimer of [[Hamden | Hamden]] is the last surviving member from a long line or legendary adventurers. He explored much of Ogden in his younger days, but now just rests in his quiet little hometown without much disturbance.

  • Lord Davian

    A suspected vampire who lives in a manor on the hill outside Hamden. He allegedly runs the local installment of the “Red Guard”.

  • Benthen Elara

    Benthen Elara came from a first-generation immigrant family in Ogden. Growing up, he became well-acquainted with the organized crime-rings in [[Ogden City | Ogden City]]. After running with gangs in the big metropolis for the majority of his youth, …

  • Delmac Galogan

    Delmac Galogan is the gruff, informal "Sheriff" of [[Hamden | Hamden]]. He is in charge of the bounties that get issued throughout the town, as well as commanding the small force of Town Guard within the settlement. He was elected long ago, back when he …

  • Petra Ferarion

    As the manager of her own grocery in [[The Hamden Trade Market | The Hamden Trade Market]], Petra makes a living by selling food from all over the world to the citizens of [[Hamden | Hamden]]. She is hardworking and very respectful to her customers.