Small town on the outskirts of the Great Hamden Forest. Many roads converge at Hamden (including The Grand Trail), making it a popular rest-stop for adventurers. Surprisingly, the town harbors a rare relationship both with the inhabitants of the forest and the Imperial forces of the capital. As such, Hamden actively benefits from being a trade hotspot. In its recent past, Hamden played a role as a key strategic location during the Great Hamden War.

Known Inhabitants

Cesta Barlow
Cormac Dexburg
Deva Harding
Golenta Hanari
Leon Strupenheimer
Lord Davian
Delmac Galogan

Known Locations

The Sleeping Giant Tavern
The Grimlight Inn
The Gilded Pony Gambling Hall
Hamden Town Hall
The Town Square
The Hamden Trade Market
Dexburg’s Anvil


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