The largest mining installation in the state, Helenor thrives off of its impressive cooperation between the various races. People from here are hardened workers, and rarely leave their city. For the most part, the people of Helenor are friendly and always willing to help a neighbor. Recently though, they’ve run into competition with a rival Orc colony who aims to terrorize and plunder the hard-earned wealth of the citizens.

Known Inhabitants

Lt. “Dog” Rogers
Pasko DeSmet
Ormond Pylos
Miro Hidachi

Known Locations

The Helenor Mines (large, intricate mine shaft system that goes extremely deep into the mountain range)
The Longhouses (series of famous “citizen co-ops” where many citizens of Helenor live and sell their wares to caravans)
The Last Swing (grubby & lovable tavern full of friendly miners)
The Slop Room (well-respected restaurant)
The Delvin Smith (legendary blacksmith; known for making high-quality weapons)
The Guard Towers (series of guard towers along the Helenor Wall)
The City Guard (part town hall, part guard HQ)
The Helenor Oak (famous tree at center of city)
The Dwarf Embassy (an acclaimed ambassador from the dwarven societies of the Gaderians)
Closet of Porek (large clothing and armor shop used by all classes of citizenry)
Helenor Jewelsmith (fine jewelers)


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