Ogden City



The capital and bustling metropolis of Ogden. Nearly all trade in the state goes through here one way or another. As such, the politicians of Ogden make sure to assert their heavy taxes in order to maintain their status as lawmakers. There is high resentment of Ogden City among the less populated areas of the state, though not all of Ogden City officials are corrupt.

Known Inhabitants

Arlen Billis
Leop Altham
Knight Hardin

Known Locations

The Midnight Spectacle (classier bar)
The Raucous Unicorn (divey bar and thieves’ guild stronghold)
The Teamster Depot (fast travel location filled with caravans and horse-drawn coaches)
The Broken Eagle Gambling Den (run by big-wig mobsters)
Ogden City Quarters (seedy tenements in downtown)
Statue of Ogden (large statue of Milo Ogden, the original explorer of the state of Ogden and founder of the Grand Trail)
The Ogden Legion Barracks (large housing of Ogden’s state army)
The Sir Leop Pawnshop (expensive and rare loot acquired from adventurers all over the state)

Ogden City

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