Port Lorinda



One of the few massive ports of the world, Port Lorinda has existed for much of the history of Ogden. It hosts a robust trade network, bringing goods and services from all over the world to be exchanged. In this melting pot of cultures, however, the citizens of Port Lorinda live under the informal rule of the Sariah Brothers Gang, who routinely buy out the state-appointed politicians so they can run their schemes at the expense of the citizens. In addition, there is a large and well-established pirate community headquartered here who are in constant competition with the Sariah Brothers.

Known Inhabitants

Rotessa Sariah
Capt. Ninla Eanswild
Capt. Wright Bartlett
Garrick Swales
Paxton Morinae
Duke Ridley

Known Locations

The Lorinda Coliseum (fighting coliseum)
The Docks (large shipping and boating docks)
The Caravan House (trade market housed in a warehouse)
The Hidden Blade Tavern and Inn (bar and thieves stronghold)

Port Lorinda

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