Tag: Elf


  • Golenta Hanari

    As the so-called 'busiest woman in all of [[Hamden | Hamden]] ', Golenta Hanari runs the extremely popular Grimlight Inn, which is conveniently located on [[The Grand Trail | The Grand Trail]]. She wasn't always so accustomed to people though; she was …

  • Merian Tanith

    A well-traveled carriage driver who collaborated with the Forest Coalition during [[The Great Hamden War | The Great Hamden War]]. She collects fares from travelers going to every corner of Ogden, including most of the major locations around the state.

  • Dean Luxa Cromwell

    Dean Cromwell is a well-known wizard hailing from a nomadic Elvish clan in Northern parts of Ogden. Following a widespread drought, she decided moved to Jasper Plains in her youth, seeking a more permanent and dependable living situation. She became …

  • Roanoake Gudetama

    Not much is known about Roanoake, besides his collusion with The Fiend for various jobs in and out of [[Jasper Plains | Jasper Plains]]. He is allegedly a very powerful Druid, but rarely uses magic in an urban setting, as he primarily uses his fists. …