Jasper Plains



Predominantly inhabited by a society of highly intelligent elves, Jasper Plains hosts one of the last remaining schools of magic in the world. As such, the city has become deeply immersed in sorcery and wizarding culture. This culture is a double-edged sword though, in that only those who truly appreciate the arcane and its uses are treated with respect. Those who don’t, generally face the wrath of ruthless charlatans and wizarding thieves.

Known Inhabitants

Madame Naivasha
Dean Luxa Cromwell

Known Locations

The Eastern Slums (poorest region within city limits)
The Jasper School of Spellcraft (famous school of magic)
The Shoppe of Madame Naivasha Wizardry Supply Store (magic item store)
Potions by Quamara (a large potion warehouse, mainly for wizard use only)
The Drunk Potion (shady tavern full of charlatans and thieves)
Mages for Hire (a wizard-mercenary depot)
The Pyxwell Shrine (a well-known religious shrine to an assortment of gods and goddesses)
The High Arcane Order (a governing board of master wizards for the settlement)
The Mage Guild (a local secret society for wizards)

Jasper Plains

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